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Know your search engine optimization and Internet marketing team. Don't be fooled by large Internet marketing companies (especially SEO franchises) offering too good to be true website promotion solutions without explaining exactly what they do to promote your website.

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Web Design

Phil Laboon is a specialist in search engine friendly and eye candy design for the new Web 2.0 generation.

Social Media

Social MediaConnect with your customers and double traffic and leads within the first few months of their initial Web presence.

Marketing Solutions

From pay-per-click to Internet marketing Phil Laboon delivers reliable service and outstanding results.

Online Marketing

SEOLaboon SEO strategies are the result of the core principles of Internet marketing and a dedication to helping his clients.

Need Search Engine Optimization?

99.9% of websites on the web do not meet major search engine standards for rankings, chances are if you have a website you’re in this group. If you have a website that doesn’t seem to be pulling in any sales or traffic it’s probably because of several errors with the designer’s coding or just plain doesn’t have enough external search engine optimization done to it to rank in major search engines.

Find out quickly if your dealing with a legit web promotion company

There is nothing more annoying then some sales person using "techno jargon" and complicated 8 syllable words to answer a simple question... "Can you make me more money in online sales then I'm paying for you?" Here are a few things to watch out for if you're looking for a quality Pittsburgh website promotion company.

Past Experience

Ethical SEO: Step OneIf the sales person refuses to show you companies he has personally worked on in the past be careful. Many companies hire fast talking salesmen that don't have a clue what it is they're selling and will promise anything to make the sale. These companies usually have one or two "flagship" accounts which they use when they cold call you but even those search engine optimization packages.

Realistic Results

Ethical SEO: Step TwoIf the sales person shows you rankings he has gotten for past clients and the keywords are 4-5 words long or are a off the wall combination of words be careful i.e. Pittsburgh Internet Marketing Company That Specializes in Real Estate, Affordable Website Design Company In Pittsburgh ... These long winded keyword phrases are easily obtained simply because no one else is optimizing for them and the searches for these are minimum.

Right Strategy

Ethical SEO: Step ThreeIf you want to see if a certain keyword phrase is competitive, first do a search on Google and see if the results are at least over 100,000. Another way is to look on the right hand side of the search results page, if there isn't Google Adwords filling up the column chances are it's not a competitive keyword and it won't significantly help your web traffic.